Sebastián Jaramillo: From Successful Entrepreneur to Music Sensation with ‘Te Quiero Pa’ Mi’

Sebastián Jaramillo, a renowned entrepreneur turned talented artist, is leaving an indelible mark on the music industry with the release of his exciting single “Te Quiero Pa’ Mi.” Through this thrilling transformation, Sebastián Jaramillo has demonstrated that success can be found in different paths, and that a passion for music can lead us to new horizons.

About Sebastián Jaramillo: Sebastián Jaramillo is a well-known entrepreneur and a talented artist who is revolutionizing the music scene with his ambitious vision and focus on conveying powerful and positive messages through his music. In addition to his outstanding career as an artist, he is the founder of SJ STUDIOS, a music, music video, and digital marketing production company aimed at promoting young talents in the music industry. For more information, visit

From his early days as an entrepreneur, Sebastián has proven to be an entrepreneurial and visionary mind, earning him significant recognition in the business world, such as his participation in the book “Highly Inspiring Business Stories,” one of the most important in Latin America. His ability to identify opportunities and his tireless dedication have led him to success in multiple ventures.

However, music has always been a latent passion in Sebastián Jaramillo’s life. With the release of his new single “Te Quiero Pa’ Mi,” he is ready to captivate millions of hearts with his talent and charisma. The song has become a true anthem, resonating in the minds and hearts of his followers.

But his vision is not limited solely to his career as an artist. Sebastián has big plans for the future. His goal is to establish his own music, music video, and digital marketing production company called “SJ STUDIOS.” Based in Medellín, Colombia, this production company aims to boost Sebastián’s career as an artist while representing young talents who aspire to fulfill their dreams in the music industry. Through SJ STUDIOS, Sebastián seeks to provide them with support and representation on an international level.

Sebastián Jaramillo’s vision for the coming years is ambitious yet inspiring. He plans to release at least 12 songs, each with clear messages, and some with a touch of fun. His aim is to create music that not only entertains but also conveys powerful and positive messages. Furthermore, he firmly believes that the journey is as important as the destination. Always walking with God by his side, Sebastián seeks to enjoy every step of his musical journey.

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